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The man's wife Angelina Jolie Fashion Arts

The man's wife Angelina Jolie Fashion Arts
<p> You can treat it as a drama thriller, romance, scenery pieces, but because of Julie and her perfect dress,<strong> <a href="">Mens Nike shox TL1</a></strong> I think it should play the best fashion pieces. <br>
By the Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie movie &quot;Fatal partner&quot; is a man's wife is like fashion movie you can treat it as a drama thriller, romance, beautiful film, but because of Julie and her perfect dress, I think it should play the best fashion pieces.<strong> <a href="">Mens Nike Shox TL3</a></strong> In Julie who became a cloud of what the age. In the movie, Jolie plays the female lead for its unique costume patterns, perfect to complete a typical man who seduced his wife built. Retro hair loose and soft, perfect bare collarbone, close and show the curve pencil skirt, Ferragamo suede high heels,<strong> <a href="">Mens Nike Shox Turbo</a></strong> she appeared as a dark color in the most coquettish pressure exists, as well as bring the most of Venice stunning style.<strong> <a href="">nike shox deliver</a></strong> Thus, the film from the thriller became the most coquettish wife of fashion movie people. Who is the wife or lover, this is the problem? <a href=""><img src=" Nike Shox R4 Plating 003.JPG" alt="cheap nike shox r4 plating mens white pink"></a>
Although Depp is not inhibited in fat, but fortunately there are Nvshen Julie,<strong> <a href="">Nike Air Torch</a></strong> ah, still in full bloom with this little wild rose, and fashion perfectly through the bloom, and this release is not shy, is the man's wife with a mature sense of charm ,<strong> <a href="">nike men's nike shox experience</a></strong> smile for a frown Erotic. Leading to the express train to Venice, and a reading detective novels met a man dressed in a cloak nude color wins the beauty of the soul of a woman who immediately let Depp occupied.<strong> <a href="">nike shox classic shoes</a></strong> Jolie changing clothes, fashion writing with the risk of this diagram between men and women, and from the first moment, her identity is someone else's lover, and to continue to seduce other men.<strong> <a href="">Nike nz</a></strong> Sexy seduction technique but not bare the Chanel said: &quot;at the ball to wear black or white woman is always the most dazzling.&quot; Of course knew the law of Julie, she wore a white pencil skirt by emitting a forthright, independent, glance seems, in fact, the most hidden passion,<strong> <a href="">Nike R4</a></strong> these people are appropriately bare surface temperament wife, sexy but not bare, the language of clothing and no sensual curves show only the vulgar, but rather on the lines of the endless reverie.<strong> <a href="">Nike R4</a></strong> Julie dressed in revealing the halls of the clavicle in a black jacket rubbed orange lipstick, Depp wore three-piece followed, people have lamented Mr. Saint Laurent said, &quot;Woman is the best decorations on her arm in the arm of man &quot;, could be so insightful.<a href=""><img src=" Shox R5#125.jpg" alt="cheap men's nike shox r5 running shoes white/black"></a>
Fashion of the effort,<strong> <a href="">Nike Shox Classic</a></strong> love the bottom line as someone else's lover, the desire to arouse other men, Julie was well aware of this road. Wild birds should not be rushed, can not shy not before, they can fashion a thoughtful expression of the mind. Nude color cloak,<strong> <a href="">nike shox classic</a></strong> close to the body curve of the pencil skirt and elbow length gloves, scarves, seemingly are free to run other elements tied to his waist shape a soft, strong and independent wife seduced by the image of the person.<strong> <a href="">nike shox classic</a></strong> Beneath the surface of gorgeous women is her fascinating and charming allure. Directed by Florian Henckel von von Dona Smarr said: &quot;We can use their imagination as much as possible, a noble, dignified, sophisticated and highly educated woman, but fell in love with what is not men, <strong><a href="">nike shox classic shoes</a></strong>she was such a superb hand manipulation and spectacular trick, the result is constantly being unexpectedly falls in love with the object of her design. &quot;Why should we be charmed? Both the effort because of her love, but willingly in the end, everyone is obsessed with her because she is always someone else's lover <strong><a href="">nike shox classic shoes</a></strong>.
To want to read fashion design students abroad
<p> This article first to those who have the means to have a special strength of the people can choose the right school reading,<strong> <a href="">nike shox shoes</a></strong> but also to the two missing people looked to a pragmatic point, to do practical things right, maybe one day than those who graduate schools more capable person, able to Fame, Megatron world. <br>
Some people like fashion,<strong> <a href="">nike shox nz mens</a></strong> you want to read fashion design schools, and then have their own brands in the fashion show held in four major Fashion Week everyone has a dream, a hobby. Some people like to travel, like to travel around the world.<a href=""><img src=" shox r5 womens whitepink.jpg" alt="nike shox r5 womens white/pink"></a>
Some people like fashion,<strong> <a href="">nike shox nz womens</a></strong> you want to read fashion design schools, and then have their own brands in the fashion show held at four major fashion weeks. Once upon a time, I was so fanatical it? Reading fashion design difficult? In fact,<strong> <a href="">nike shox r4 mens</a></strong> what the world is not difficult to trade? Are to pay a lot of effort, study hard, to spend time pondering explore, through difficult to see the light. Ado, of course, the most famous one cause: the United Kingdom Central Saint Martins, Italy Marangoni, Royal College of Art in Antwerp,<strong> <a href="">nike shox r4 womens</a></strong> Belgium, France ESMOD, Parsons School of Design, the United States and Tokyo Bunka Fashion College. Little known in China as well Raffles (La Salle) College of Design. (I was graduated from this school, not much it, a matter of opinion) that it has swept through China, I think Singapore can also learn something the school.<strong> <a href="">nike shox turbo men</a></strong> In fact, it is difficult to select a school, the first is money, go abroad to study have to spend a lot of money, not to mention fashion design that throwing money at the professional.<strong> <a href="">mens nike shox tl1</a></strong> Want to gain a firm foothold in foreign countries, the light has talent and ability is not enough, but also have sufficient economic conditions. Not a one to two million of funds, not the professional talent into the schools abroad (especially Europe) to give up,<strong> <a href="">mens nike shox torch</a></strong> after a chat, and many children, OH GOD. Do not have any loans to borrow money from tuition, what their work to earn money after leaving a shit idea to reality a little bit? <strong><a href="">womens nike shox torch</a></strong>The computer can be considered clear enough to get a good cost of those terrible it? <a href=""><img src=" shox turbo womens whitepurple1.jpg" alt="nike shox turbo womens white/purple"></a>
Therefore, this article first, to those who have the means to have a special strength of the people can choose the right school reading, but also to the two missing people looked to a pragmatic point, to do practical things right,<strong> <a href="">nike shox monster</a></strong> maybe one day than those who graduate schools more capable person, able to Fame, Megatron world. The first is the art skills, but do not pay attention to this in the fashion industry, art, shit art who are not college entrance examination,<strong> <a href="">nike shox r3 men</a></strong> which neatly sketches and color. But from the bones of the content, so do not let's use those to measure the entrance art painting skills. Have their own unique style, do not follow the crowd.<strong> <a href="">nike shox r3 woman</a></strong> Then please pay close attention to the four major fashion weeks, to explore their favorite designers, to find the most suitable for your style of fashion design and then decided which development of the Institute. This is a critical step, is relatively safe choice, because to understand a school,<strong> <a href="">nike shox tl3 mens</a></strong> just listen to the students that it is useless turnip greens all have love. Second is to understand the human and living in those countries, as well as language problems. London, New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo,<strong> <a href="">nike shox tl3 womens</a></strong> Antwerp, the 6 major fashion capital in their own characteristics.<a href=""><img src=" Women Shirts 007.jpg" alt="Fashion Women's Moncler T-shirts Black"></a>
For example, do you like john galliano, mcqueen, gareth pugh you can choose to Central Saint Martins, like maison martin magiela, viktor &amp; rolf You can choose to Antwerp, Belgium,<strong> <a href="">nike shox oz mens</a></strong> or the like Alexander wang on the choice of Parson. Central Saint Martins ah Britain, the United States and the Parsons School of Design Tokyo Bunka Fashion College, which is too famous, too much information to be found (here described I will not say more.<strong> <a href="">nike shox oz womens</a>??????? </strong> Today, start with the head of the data compiled, it is particularly want to say that the Royal College of Art in Antwerp, Belgium (Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts). Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium,<strong> <a href="">nike shox r5 mens</a></strong> the industrial center is one of the wealthiest cities in Europe, it is not only the world's largest diamond trading center, now is another European city of fashion! Retrospective to the early 80s of last century,<strong> <a href="">nike shox dream men</a></strong> a group of graduate students of Royal College of Art in Antwerp, carries a dream, driving a rented truck broke, and ran outside of London Fashion Week show field, the fashion critic to do a stunning avant-garde fashion show! Poor boy did not have enough funds, so renting a box truck and poor sound and light equipment.<strong> <a href="">nike shox dream women</a></strong> Although the inferior equipment,<strong> <a href="">moncler mens shirts</a></strong> but this &quot;guerrilla&quot; style conference was unexpectedly won the British media's great attention, immediately outside the official venue led to a &quot;wake-up critics&quot; fashion a new experience! That era,<strong> <a href="">nike shox r5 womens</a></strong> a time when fashion was all the weird wave of crackpot ideas and the dramatic impact of the traditional concept of a group of fashion designers in Paris Pioneer subversion; and these young people, from Antwerp, but also greatly absorbed these new fashion design concept,<strong> <a href="">nike shox turbo women</a></strong> and their work appears a gust of strong &quot;anti-luxury&quot; trend, such as the use of large profile of the jacket, very long sleeves, and the original fabric as lining exposed directly, or with wrinkled formal evening wear fabrics and so on. Their concept of avant-garde design,<strong> <a href="">womens nike shox tl1</a></strong> meticulous tailoring and colorful collage of the new approach, depressed at the time shocked the conservative fashion. Since then, the six Antwerp Six &quot;reckless&quot; young students were the highest on the British media, &quot;Antwerp Six (The Antwerp Six)&quot; in the title, comprising Walter van Beirendonck, Ann Demeulemeester,<strong> <a href="">kids nike shox shoes</a></strong> Marina Yee, Dirk van Saene, Dries van Noten, Dirk Bikkembergs. This is disguising some of the &quot;Antwerp Six&quot; first generation, and together they boarded the Antwerp map the center of the avant-garde fashion. At that time, six young people to not only know too much,<strong> <a href="">mens nike shox</a></strong> came out of the door with the alumni, and students are Linda Loppa. They share each other like <strong><a href="">moncler shirts</a></strong>&quot;brothers slept in my upper berth,&quot; the friendship, emotional intimacy unusual. Six old friends reckless trip to London, lay in one fell swoop of the Belgian fashion designers in the global vanguard of unshakable <strong><a href="">moncler womens shirts</a></strong>.

Tencent YORK<strong><a href="

gucci-sandals-c-67.html">gucci sandals</a> </strong>, April 11

message, the recent Desperate Housewives Eva women participated in the

talk show &quot;Late Show with David,&quot; which during the program,

Eva wearing a tight blue dress buttons suddenly burst open, she almost

dew point. Let us tGucci Men's LS T Shirt ake stock of what the rest

of the emptied <a name="OLE_LINK43" id="OLE_LINK43"></a><a


66.html"><strong>womens gucci boots</strong> </a> <strong> ?

</strong>and the NBA style show - <br />
<br />
<br />
In fact, the door that day, another porn actress Jennifer also received

an invitation, but to avoid embarrassment meet with Colleen, she took

the initiative absent. Another relatively low-key but rather a

prostitute Helen appears in the race. As long<a name="OLE_LINK44"

id="OLE_LINK44"></a><a href="

gucci-slipon-shoes-c-81.html"><strong>gucci slip on shoes</strong> </a>

foreseen that he might face the dilemma, so the early days, Colleen to

meet for the cut and thrust of this plan preparation. The results

surprisingly good effect the same day, the words of the British media,

Colleen &quot;victory.&quot; <br />
<br />
However, before the public <a name="OLE_LINK45" id="OLE_LINK45"></a><a


82.html"><strong>gucci loafers</strong> </a> <strong> </strong>Zaiban

strong, but can not stop the fact that she and Wayne Rooney of the

Cold War. In the race held on the day before the General Assembly,

chubby specifically with her family to find her son to Colleen, her

husband saw the results appear, leave the door Colleen rejection

immediately, leaving <strong>?<a name="OLE_LINK46"

id="OLE_LINK46"></a><a href="

gucci-middle-top-shoes-c-76.html">gucci mid top shoes </a></strong> the

chubby face alone embarrassed. <br />
Jolin Tsai wearing a diamond tulle, G milk looming, the rate of 54

dancers and 4 drag queen enjoyed the &quot;honey trap&quot; and

Madonna's &quot;Vogue&quot;, costing hundreds of million yuan, a

sizzling opening to the audience. Finally, Jolin Tsai, Jay Chou two

both Aspen is indeed <a name="OLE_LINK47" id="OLE_LINK47"></a><a


75.html"><strong>gucci low top shoes</strong> </a> gratifying. Singer,

fans look forward to double-J on the same stage, access to the most

popular female singer Jolin generous, said: &quot;looking forward to

attend the ceremony can be seen every time a long time not seen

friends, very happy! Would like the same music.&quot; Not in fear, the

two people <a name="OLE_LINK48" id="OLE_LINK48"></a><a


77.html"><strong>gucci high top sneakers</strong> </a> <strong>

</strong>are still good friends, walked away with six awards for Jay

Chou laughed and said: &quot;Jolin, after falling in love is more

beautiful, also very handsome long Jinrong Unfortunately, how people

did not come Kam Wing.&quot; Chou said he was very happy to both men

and generous the same stage, but also to double J a hot topic in the

ceremony. Stefanie any performances scheduled guests (microblogging)

admitted to hospital due to acute <a name="OLE_LINK49"

id="OLE_LINK49"></a><a href="

gucci-slipon-shoes-c-80.html"><strong>gucci slip on sneakers</strong>

</a> <strong> </strong>gastroenteritis, by JJ on top. <br />
Tencent YORK, April 10, NBA (microblogging) regular season loss to the

Cleveland Cavaliers Milwaukee Bucks 101-108. <br />
<br />
Cleveland Baron - Davis scored 19 points and 6 assists, Hickson 11

points and 12 rebounds, 5 assists and 15 points Serbian Shen Si,

Gibson 10. Bucks Salmons scored 32 points, Jennings mens gucci

loafer<a name="OLE_LINK51" id="OLE_LINK51"></a><a


71.html"><strong>gucci mid tops</strong> </a><strong> </strong><a

name="OLE_LINK50" id="OLE_LINK50"></a><a


73.html"><strong>mens gucci loafer</strong><strong>s</strong> </a>

<strong> </strong>14 points and 9 assists, Drew Gooden 15 points and 13

rebounds and 13 assists, 12 points Boa Mott, Reid 10, Ilya Francois

11. <br />
<br />
Race start, the Bucks scored 4 points Gooden jumper, layup Boa Mott

made 6-0 advantage. Alonzo - base, Baron - Davis successive Jiangong

succeeded, struggling to recover points to help knights, but the Bucks

have chopped 6 points Salmons wonderful<strong> <a name="OLE_LINK52"

id="OLE_LINK52"></a><a href="

gucci-low-top-shoes-c-70.html">gucci low tops </a></strong>

performance, Boa Mott continued to display its power to 20-9 lead

Clippers 11 points. Next Harlan Gaudi, Eer Deng, based successive

succeeded, catch only a thin 8 points, but the Bucks Turin, Salmons,

Ilya Francois continue Biao points, leading the first section of the

end of the Bucks 30-18 12<strong><a


72.html">gucci high tops</a> </strong>points. <br />
<br />
Second period, opening by E Erdeng Knight, Harlan Gaudi, Hollins

scored, catch only a thin 7 points 25-32. Francois feel good, but Ilya

been cut points, Reid also contributed, 13 points ahead of the Bucks

43-30. Anxiety into the next game, half time and a half minutes left

in a 44-54 Cavaliers were down by 10 points, this time chopped 4 <a

name="OLE_LINK54" id="OLE_LINK54"></a><a


84.html"><strong>mens gucci boots</strong> </a> <strong>

</strong>Gooden, Boa Mott grabbed offensive rebounds tipped succeed,

male halftime Deer 60-44 16 holds a huge advantage. <br />
<br /><img src="

20Moccasins/Gucci%20Moccasins285.jpg" alt="Gucci Low Tops Women's

White Grommets Tennis" />
Into the second half, Baron - Davis broke, break, three assists, hit a

wave of recovery points to help knights climax, 7 minutes left in the

third quarter when the Cavaliers 59-69 10 points worse. After Gooden,

Delfino, Salmons more flowering, Bucks 76-63 points <a

name="OLE_LINK55" id="OLE_LINK55"></a><a


69.html"><strong>gucci velcro shoes</strong> </a> <strong>

</strong>difference will be extended to 13 points. The last two

minutes, the Cavaliers plug Shen Si and chopped 1 6 points and

assists, and his performance helped the team play crazy 8-2 spurt,

sect end of the game, the Cavaliers 78-85 catch only a thin 7 points.

<br />
<br />
Distal contest, <img



alt="Gucci Fabric Boots Black White Red Green" /> hit a jumper plug

Shen Si, and then hit the third pass from Enya Jia, catch the score

83-85 Knight only a thin 2 points. Bucks Salmons chopped 6 points,

helping the team to<strong> <a

href="">cheap gucci sandals</a>

</strong>?stabilize the situation, Reed, Gooden series of angry, 4

minutes left in the game when the Bucks 97-91 to obtain 6 points

advantage. Jennings will be worse jumper extended to 8 points, while

Davis assists Hollins basket after the layup cut points, Gibson hit 2

+1 success driving layup, 55 seconds left when the Cavaliers in the

catch 98 -101 only a thin 3. Jennings pointers <a name="OLE_LINK57"

id="OLE_LINK57"></a><a href="

gucci-sandals-c-67.html"><strong>gucci sandals for women</strong> </a>

<strong> ?</strong>critical moment stability, followed by Gooden,

Jennings 4 free throws in resisting pressure to help the Bucks win the

game. <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
In the afternoon just after lunch time, journalists encounter in the

North Fourth Ring Road near the Tian Liang's commercial vehicle.

Although the uncertainty is driving Tian Liang himself, but we still

decided to follow along. How much that some of our surprise, the car

is not heading toward the Tian Liang's new home, but turned a corner

into th<a name="OLE_LINK58" id="OLE_LINK58"></a><a


65.html"><strong>gucci pumps for women</strong> </a> <strong>

</strong>e near Tsinghua University - is well known, Tian Liang has

post-graduate degree studies at Tsinghua, which is the return to his

alma mater Postgraduate going again? Mentoring or just visiting? <br

Car parked directly in front of Tsinghua University's swimming pool, a

casual dress in the back seat of Tian Liang first opened the door to

get off, then, in Black concealed the Ye Qian also appeared in front

of reporters, but most surprising is that we both The <a

name="OLE_LINK60" id="OLE_LINK60"></a><a


81.html"><strong>gucci womens shoes</strong> </a> <strong> ?

</strong>emergence of the daughter Xin Tian instrument - since 2009 was

revealed to be, do not know the reason Tian guard against, the

daughter does not appear to be under the lens in the media. Seen the

same day, more than three years old girl, or whether Lianpan senses

like most of Tian Liang and l<a name="OLE_LINK61"

id="OLE_LINK61"></a><a href="

gucci-mocassin-loafers-c-82.html"><strong>gucci loafers for

women</strong> </a> <strong> </strong>ively, very likable. Get off, the

little girl a look of reluctance, Tian Liang for a long time to coax

his wife, after a three eloquent hand in hand, walked toward the

swimming pool entrance side door, walked round the corner, Tian Liang

and some doubts turned around,<a name="OLE_LINK62"

id="OLE_LINK62"><strong> </strong></a><a


76.html"><strong>gucci women shoes mid</strong> </a> very alert.
Flat shoes to work,<a href=>Manolo Blanhnik shoes</a>
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Spread abroad a luxury big mystery

Spread abroad a luxury big mystery
<p> At present, China's import tariffs on luxury goods is generally between 15% to 25%,<strong><a href="">nike shox r4 torch women shoes</a></strong> which makes the domestic price of luxury goods will normally be at least one third higher than the country of origin. <br>
Paris, Avenue Montaigne luxury brands gathered in a crowded London Heathrow Airport T3 Terminal, Wang Lu (a pseudonym) sitting cross-legged chairs, the front filled with more than 20 Chanel,<strong> <a href="">nike shox r5 runnning shoes</a></strong> Hermes and other luxury brand shopping bags, which she won at the airport duty-free shops of the &quot;spoils of war.&quot; Her head down, focused, carefully put all the bags, perfumes, jewelry, clothes unpacked, half-way cut off some of the goods is also the tag. Then she put the baby most of Amoy to the clothing and luggage mix. Properly clean up after all,<strong> <a href="">nike shox r5 shoes</a></strong> she's boarding a flight has an open mouth.
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King Road, dragging a suitcase full, leisurely walk to the boarding gate. King Road is not a shopaholic, she is now sought after in Taobao purchasing large family.<strong> <a href="">nike shox running shoes</a></strong> Is this to be a lot of people as a sideline, part-time to do the trades, transactions in overseas markets last year, the scale of 120 billion yuan. The overseas purchasing industry thriving behind the price gap between domestic and foreign luxury goods. High prices in the Mainland big international line,<strong> <a href="">nike shox sneakers</a></strong> is an indisputable fact.
<a href=""><img src=" Nike Shox Turb Shoes/Mens Nike Shox Turb Shoes128.jpg" alt="Hotsale Shox Turbo men Shoes Light Cyan/Red"></a>
The fact that after years of being ignored, and finally the Ministry of Commerce noted. Recently, Minister of Commerce Chen Deming said that China will solve some of the sales price of luxury goods in China than overseas issues. Behind the Government departments anxiety is caused due to overseas purchasing billions of dollars in annual tax revenue loss of up to.<strong> <a href="">nike shox tl1 running shoes</a></strong> Shopping the last three years overseas, Wang Road Shopping shop operated business continues to grow each month, on her own from the first two or three months in London and Beijing have been unable to cope. In 2008,<strong> <a href="">nike shox tl3 shoes</a></strong> she found a partner, the other is her husband's colleagues, often went to Paris on business, and there are relatives in Paris. &quot;Because we are mainly going to Paris and London, so purchasing something big in Britain and France are also based, the other Italian, American brands are also purchasing, but less.&quot; Wang Lu said.<strong> <a href="">nike shox tl3 sneakers</a></strong> Her work is based on purchasing fee payment, purchasing of goods each charge of 3% -5% range of fees. Each quarter, the latest image of each brand will be the king put the fastest way to shop, guests place an order after the payment of part of the deposit,<strong> <a href="">nike shox turbo</a></strong> Wang Lu and her partner will determine the specific purchasing methods. If guests do not want to stock the goods their own hands, and her partner will inform the relatives in Paris, to the local store to buy,<strong> <a href="">nike shox turbo running shoes</a></strong> and then send a separate country, or Tuoren Dai home. King of the road according to experience, these goods at home and abroad to spread from the thousands of pieces ranging from a few hundred pieces. Turning to the domestic prices of luxury goods,<strong> <a href="">nike shox turbo running shoes</a></strong> Wang Road to a word, &quot;expensive.&quot; In early March she was purchasing the goods in London, there is a classic plaid Burberry Spring 2011, Ms. Long wallet. The price of this wallet in the UK is 112 pounds, and Shin Kong Place in Beijing, the price tag on a Burberry store is 3200 yuan. This is not accidental.<strong> <a href="">Nike Shox Turbo Shoes</a></strong> According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Commerce, watches, bags, clothing, wine, five categories of products, electronic products, 20 kinds of brand luxury goods, the difference at home and abroad, the Mainland market, Hong Kong is higher than 45%, 51% higher than the U.S.,<strong> <a href="">shox dream shoes</a></strong> more than French high 72%. In recent years, luxury brands and was spread abroad, has been gradually pushing people outside of such consumption. Bain &amp; Company announced the &quot;Chinese luxury goods market in 2010&quot; Survey of luxury goods supplier from China last year to 68.4 billion yuan population Taozou pocket.<strong> <a href="">shox monster shoes</a></strong> Largest luxury goods sales in the cosmetics, fragrance and personal care products, the Chinese people in these three spend a lot of 16.9 billion yuan, ranking the second in a watch, a total cost of 15.5 billion. Which were a large part of the consumer in abroad. In 2010, Chinese tourists spend in the UK about 10 billion pounds (about 11.2 billion yuan).<strong> <a href="">shox nz shoes</a></strong> Early 2011, a group of big spenders, in favor of Chinese tourists has exploded luxury shopping season of British luxury goods market, consumer frenzy in the British press that consumption is called &quot;Beijing pounds.&quot; Because of this, duty-free shops at Heathrow airport,<strong> <a href="">shox oz shoes</a></strong> in the various big Bond Street in London, Oxford Street store, all high-end department stores in the UK, more and more able to speak standard Chinese salesman has not is a curious thing again. King Road, says the same thing, the price equivalent to the domestic foreign six Qizhe, reason is tax. &quot;Moreover, the urban areas in the UK to buy something, I went to the airport can also be a tax rebate,<strong> <a href="">shox r3 shoes</a></strong> must register and cheaper.&quot; She said. For this problem, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Yao Jian, said at the regular meeting, resulting in some of the high price of international luxury brands have three main reasons: First, multinational distribution system,<strong> <a href="">shox r4 shoes</a></strong> pricing system is different; Second, the domestic branded goods relatively few species, fewer choices for consumers; third part of a comprehensive brand is relatively high import tariffs, including tariffs, consumption tax <strong><a href="">Shox R4 Torch Shoes</a></strong>.
</p><p align="left">Upon seeing the reporters had to wait outside in the swimming pool, about an hour later, the star of the family was again in front of us. Tian seem tired, but before the little guy is a reluctance to change facial expressions, it is very exciting, taking great strides <a name="OLE_LINK64" id="OLE_LINK64"></a><a href=""><strong>mens gucci shoes</strong> </a> <strong> </strong>not only in front of their parents, and leaped from time to time some of the dancing. A family of three did not immediately drive away, but leaves it to his daughter in the swimming pool play on the steps outside for a long time. Tian Liang is also the gentle daughter to pick up in the air and made a diving action, prompting his daughter laugh, and smile Ying Ying Ye Qian also stood watching her husband and daughter, the scene was very warm. Subsequently,<strong> <a name="OLE_LINK30" id="OLE_LINK30"></a><a href="">gucci shoes low top </a> </strong>?Tian will be daughter hold the car drove away. <br />
<br />
As we all know, Tian Liang and Tsinghua University swimming pool here is quite particular source - either get the 2001 World University Games gold medal, leaving the national team or in the days of Tenth National Games, also retired after the education or graduate students come here for Tian Liang said, should have a special status and<a name="OLE_LINK76" id="OLE_LINK76"></a><a href=""><strong>gucci shoes mid top</strong> </a> feelings. The virtue of Tsinghua University diving team also Fu Mingxia, Zhou Lu Xin, He Zi, Lin Yue and other diving personnel and high-profile appearance. Now, Tian Liang couples out here with her daughter, can not but guess at - do, diving diving prince's daughter also took the stage, <a name="OLE_LINK77" id="OLE_LINK77"></a><a href=""><strong>gucci shoes high tops</strong> </a> <strong> </strong>continuing his father was brilliant? <br />
<p>beloved collectors, for example, produced a late 70s / early 80s precious cosmetics cases, have traveled around the world, is still perfect as new, against the background of the Gucci brand of unparalleled craftsmanship. Another produced in the late 50's, dotted with white leather handbags decorated bamboo also reproduce this <a name="OLE_LINK78" id="OLE_LINK78"><strong>?</strong></a><a href=""><strong>womens guccimonogram shoes</strong> </a> <strong> </strong>activity, its excellent shape and texture of the Gucci products, once again proved durable and excellent quality. Based on the assessment of a number of collections, was invited to participate in the auction will surprise some collectors found their Gucci products will have the opportunity to return to hometown as Gucci company may re-purchase these products to enrich collections. Gucci Gucci collectors and companies planning to establish the <a name="OLE_LINK34" id="OLE_LINK34"></a><a href=""><strong>gucci tennis shoes for women</strong> </a> <a href=""><strong>? gucci slippers for women</strong></a><strong> </strong>original intention of the plan coincides with the museum Gucci. Gucci 90 to celebrate the anniversary, Gucci planning in 2011 in Florence, the birthplace of the establishment of its brand Gucci Museum. The museum will feature a Gucci collector services company through the archives to re-purchase the treasures. GUCCI topic of continuing to create fashion, fashion leading brand, has introduced the series to create a<a name="OLE_LINK37" id="OLE_LINK37"><strong> </strong></a><a name="OLE_LINK81" id="OLE_LINK81"> </a><a href=""><strong>gucci women flats</strong> </a> <strong> </strong>?sense of tailored, giving the unique value of your most unique. . . Giorgio Gucci effort since only then on his interest in the products, the creation of his own popular brands like Giorgio G, and extend the brand of cognac brandy series. Produced from the Grande Champagne region of France famous, fermented rice texture and taste are on the choice. Aging and then placed in oak barrels, creating a rare premium wine, the wine were three different models: Giorgio G XO, Giorgio G Grand Cru and Giorgio G Grande Champagne Premier Cru, are appointed<strong><a href="">gucci pumps for women</a> </strong>?by the Emperor distribution outlets. Giorgio G XO models aged over 35 years of wine, smooth and a little spicy, bright red flames that are more like a deep mahogany color, the taste of vanilla cream and chocolate flavor contains wood and leather, strong, restrained and strong. Giorgio G Grand Cru wine brewing section 50 years, the color of shining bronze, mixed grapes, prunes, apricots, smoked oak and vanilla aroma filled the air, another into <a name="OLE_LINK83" id="OLE_LINK83"></a><a href=""><strong>gucci pumps on sale</strong> </a><strong> </strong></p>
<p>the jasmine and honeysuckle aroma, taste strong, slightly spicy with hints of pepper and a sense of taste and good balance. Giorgio G Grande Champagne Premier Cru wine section is after more than half a century, the golden color of sparkling, prunes and elderflower flavor complemented by a touch of vanilla, jasmine and honeysuckle and other flavor, smooth texture, mixed nutmeg, vanilla flavor in the mouth with licorice and other food for thought. Size: 39,21,12 cm width were highly Material: Full leather exterior: zip<a name="OLE_LINK40" id="OLE_LINK40"></a><a href=""><strong>womens gucci boots</strong> </a> <strong> </strong>?top opening and closing of decorative hem rivets Hot List Comments:<img src="" alt="cheap gucci women's flat rainboots " />This noble and practical utility to send winter GUCCI Shoulder Bag, leather accessories in the frilly number dumplings , full leather material than the previous same brand canvas is more of a taste. Product appearance is more bright spots, people are struggling to hide their identity, this package low-key brand GUCCI LOGO, low-key and just meet the people's taste of luxury. Some of the <strong><a href="">gucci low tops</a> </strong>popular elements of course, is pushing the hot list to join the reasons, rivets and the hem is this year's hottest fashion elements. Warm earth colors, so you have a winter day like a spring shower a good mood. Mr. Gucci brand CEO Patriziodi Marco said: &quot; launch will allow the flow of the Internet as the world's largest flagship store, a flagship store.&quot; According to statistics, Gucci website, 2 thousand 5 million monthly page views, and has become <strong><a href="">gucci mid tops</a> </strong>Customers social channels. The revamped website of the brand's signature use of symbols and patterns, and integrating more user-friendly design, is bound to increase customer traffic. Products of each page and related videos are, the new and the other stars wore<img src="" alt=" 2010 gucci men boots-white leather" />
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<object classid="CLSID:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11CF-96B8-444553540000" id="tts_flash" width="18" height="18" data="C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\msohtml1\04\clip_ocxstg001.mso">
Tencent ANGELES, April 10, 2011 Chengdu, Chengdu, appeared before the children should be adopted to participate in a brand endorsement deals, dressed in elegant evening gowns sling, wearing accessories she exaggerated, show pretty <a name="OLE_LINK21" id="OLE_LINK21"></a><a href=""><strong>gucci clothing</strong> </a> <strong> </strong>cute. By her starring &quot;Ice is the sleeping water&quot;, the &quot;big house arrest&quot; and many other hot video works have been broadcast, and the movie &quot;not afraid of thieves and caring&quot; is also in post-production, will meet with the audience. Therefore children should be adopted to obtain a large number of commercia<a name="OLE_LINK4" id="OLE_LINK4"></a><a href=""><strong>Gucci Mens Wide Leg</strong><strong> Jeans</strong> </a> <strong> </strong>l activities, work continued. <br />
<br />
At the event dressed in her little blue dress, to show the pretty side. But put it down on a variety of crystal trinkets, especially in a crystal bunny made her more put it down. The host asked her whether the students intend to late autumn baby rabbits, children should be adopted smiled and answered: &quot;Early Spring has been busy filming years <a name="OLE_LINK5" id="OLE_LINK5"></a><a href=""><strong>cheapest gucci mens hoodies</strong> </a> <strong> </strong>later, I see him every row of schedule this year could be too late, for next year's birth of a baby dragon . &quot;Jordan Chan (microblogging), and children should be adopted together far more than marriage, their marriage life, we naturally become the most interesting topic. Children should be adopted in an interview that &quot;in March, I and early spring off a very <a name="OLE_LINK18" id="OLE_LINK18"></a><a href=""><strong>Wholesale Gucci Mens</strong><strong> Jackets</strong> </a> <strong> </strong>Wholesale Gucci Mens long period of leave, after their busy work.&quot; <br />
<br />
Children should be adopted recently a number of cities in the Mainland will also attend the meeting fans, will return to Beijing after the latest shooting drama. <br />
<p align="left">Sohu Entertainment News April 10, Hangzhou, April 9, Wang Luo Dan was injured in a car accident in Yunnan,<a name="OLE_LINK7" id="OLE_LINK7"><strong> </strong></a><a href=""><strong>Discount Gucci T Shirts</strong> </a> <strong> </strong>?the first public appearance in Hangzhou. Day, always fresh and show people the Wang Luo Dan, with masks, dressed in a red skirt Stadium in Hangzhou, a brand endorsements of the &quot;cool move home party&quot; activities in the first quarter, the positive response on all the rumors since the crash occurred. This is the brand endorsement in 2003, after Zhang Ziyi,<a name="OLE_LINK9" id="OLE_LINK9"><strong> </strong></a><a href=""><strong>Cheap Gucci Mens </strong><strong>Shirts</strong> </a> <strong> </strong>?the actress once again enable the mainland, Wang Luo Dan, although facial injuries, forehead stitches, but still like about the event. She said the &quot;integrity and face equally important&quot;, its professionalism is impressive and pity. <br />
Now that the entertainment industry seems to be inherited his father's business as it should be - Zhang Mo, Tu Chun Zheng Dangnian like Leaving aside the second generation of stars,<a name="OLE_LINK10" id="OLE_LINK10"><strong> </strong></a><a href=""><strong>Gucci T Shirts On Sale</strong> </a> <strong> </strong>?even Dong Jie (microblogging), so just the son of Cecilia Cheung old children has long been a big let it be their parents into the entertainment circle. Recently, the reporter ran into Tian Liang (microblogging), Ye Qian (microblogging) and his wife took her daughter out of the scene and Diving Hall of Tsinghua, are, and the newly-year-old female children have<a name="OLE_LINK11" id="OLE_LINK11"></a><a href=""><strong>Gucci Skirts For Woman</strong> </a> <strong> </strong>?inherited his father? Tencent ANGELES, April 10, 2011 by the world-renowned Chinese-language radio stations in Taipei alliance cooperation, &quot;the world's popular music chart&quot;, a grand evening was held at the Taipei Arena, the singer Jay Chou, Lee Hom, Jolin Tsai, Show Luo, SHE, Kenji Wu, JJ ( microblogging) and other heavyweights, star-studded rivalry <a name="OLE_LINK12" id="OLE_LINK12"></a><a href=""><strong>Gucci T Shirt For Woman</strong> </a> <strong> </strong>with Taiwan, Biao Song, Jolin Tsai, Jay Chou, Luo affair between the three of attention. Although Rooney AP Tencent porn event is over for a long time, but Colleen is still immersed in the shadow. Plus it will appear in bursts of two prostitutes in her life, even more so chubby beautiful wife intolerable. In the UK prestigious conference, she was forced to one with<a name="OLE_LINK13" id="OLE_LINK13"></a><a href=""><strong>Gucci LS T Shirts</strong> </a> porn actress Helen doors meet, in order to strong momentum, Colleen and drew the father and brother to help out. <br />
<br />
General Assembly is a good place for ladies to present themselves last year, together with Colleen and <img src="" alt="Gucci Golden Shield Logo T Shirts Burgundy" /> Wayne Rooney also participated, with fans wearing a dress and Christian Louboutin heels, Colleen won the day with the best costume award. However, because prostitution scandal chubby moves downtown, so this year only one person<a name="OLE_LINK14" id="OLE_LINK14"></a><a href=""><strong>gucci jeans</strong> </a><strong> </strong><a name="OLE_LINK15" id="OLE_LINK15"></a><a href=""><strong>GucciMens Slim Jeans</strong> </a> <strong> </strong>?in Colleen Aintree Racecourse, also attended along with Liverpool star Joe Cole and his wife Carly. Let Colleen is the most accurate, with the porn prostitute Helen event jump red dress also appeared on the day of the banquet. <br />
<br />
Not to be 24-year-old scandal object par, Colleen obviously been carefully before coming to dress up, pink and<strong> <a name="OLE_LINK16" id="OLE_LINK16"></a><a href="">Gucci Mens Hoodies for sale </a> </strong>?purple straps tight skirts, high heels with sequins fish head with the color package, and strive to create a matte effect. Colleen and Helen so much money apparently did not dress herself, she is wearing a deep pink nightclub common V Dress, lost momentum on the first one better. In order to give their strong momentum, especially <img src="" alt="Gucci Golden Shield Logo T Shirts Burgundy" /> given the £ 15,000 Colleen <strong><a href="">Gucci Jackets For Man</a> </strong>luxury boxes, called father Tony and mother Colette, brother Anthony, Joe, there are a bunch of friends, seems to tell the world that he is the Wayne Soong wife. </p>Quality control of the Dunhill old man
<p> Who is living in the most tasteful man?<strong> <a href="">nike shox nz shoes</a></strong> This question is very easy to answer, he must be Yann Debelle de Montby. As a born art collector, his presence not only let us open the eyes, but also for the countless people who find a way to enhance the taste. <br>
Legend: Yann Debelle de Montby, born collector,<strong> <a href="">nike shox nz women</a></strong> luxury and cultural promoter.<a href=""><img src=" Nike Shox NZ Shoes/Womens Nike Shox NZ Shoes-160.jpg" alt="Most popular 2010 female's Shox NZ shoes White/Blue"></a>
Global image has served as public relations director of Alfred Dunhill, Berluti ambassador, and was the British version of &quot;GQ&quot; named best dressed men. Yann into the homes, <strong><a href="">nike shox oz</a> </strong>as if into another Dunhill home, because everyone here in this book, every furniture, every piece of vintage collection, are fully owned by only one person. As we all know, you in the fashion, art, culture extraordinary taste,<strong> <a href="">nike shox oz men</a></strong> many people describe you are &quot;born collector&quot; when you are interested in these things start? I am very lucky to be born in Morocco, it was a very beautiful, colorful country. Many artists like to go to Morocco painting, such as the famous 19th century French painter Delacroix (Delacroix).<strong> <a href="">nike shox oz sneakers</a></strong> Also includes former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (Winston Churchill), we have previously smoked a cigar, and love went over there to paint. Morocco is a place for inspiration, hospitable people, half Arab, half of the Berber people, mostly Muslims. Morocco in the 18th century to become a Muslim country,<strong> <a href="">nike shox r3 shoes</a></strong> before most of the mole people like me, blue eyes and brown hair, today's Morocco is of mixed two cultures, which allow more tolerant character of people there. When you were born in a country,<strong> <a href="">nike shox r3 women</a></strong> your mind will be more open, the eyes will see things very differently. In addition more importantly, I am very lucky that grew up on a farm, I have seven brothers and sisters, extended family is full of different personalities. I am a very noisy boy, when you're a naughty boy noisy,<strong> <a href="">nike shox r4 kid</a></strong> like a baby the whole family to get a lot of attention. I like painting, is also quite sensitive. Whether a person will develop a personality sensitive side, depending on his surroundings, like plants that grow if you put it in the appropriate land,<strong> <a href="">nike shox r4 men</a></strong> can quickly grow better. I was lucky to find a suitable own land. Therefore, ways of doing things your way of thinking is also formed in this environment? I do everything to pay for the original purpose is not to obtain, of course,<strong> <a href="">nike shox r4 women</a></strong> then I will request some. I give more than I requested. To open mind to be creative. If you just want to be a well-known for fashion editors, fashion designers away to create, can not help a bit selfish.<strong> <a href="">nike shox r5 kid</a></strong> If I can give everyone a little suggestion, that is less selfish and more open, more of a tolerance. People think that once they pay would have a loss, it is not true, if you give and give, you will only get richer. In your various creations, the most important things? Soul. Like a very beautiful model, never talk,<strong> <a href="">nike shox r5 men</a></strong> very boring. Perhaps you will say: &quot;ah, she was so beautiful!&quot; But probably 20 minutes, you will say: &quot;how she so boring.&quot;<a href=""><img src=" Nike Shox R3 Shoes/Womens Nike Shox R3 Shoes-88.jpg" alt="Cheap Women's Nike Shox R3 Running Shoes"></a>
Because she is empty, the lack of soul points, my strength is that it can to bring the soul of things.<strong> <a href="">nike shox r5 shoes</a></strong> I am 55 years old this year, but, like my son to observe everything around me, listening to you, visit this market, Reading books, trying to act like yourself know nothing about it, keep learning. I like beautiful things,<strong> <a href="">nike shox tl1 men</a></strong> I love humanity, but also love object, is as important to me. That is why I often go to a flea market, objects also have a history for me, a soul. When you buy new things, you may be a certain time it fresh and interesting,<strong> <a href="">nike shox tl1 sneakers</a></strong> but not soon enough, because there is no story behind it. I want something new found in the United States, where in the old object you can see the history, then we can spend the time to consider your day, such as when you were born, your parents where you are. For the first new thing,<strong> <a href="">nike shox tl1 women</a></strong> everything seems back to the beginning of the. This is why so many brands will come to me reasons, such as Alfred Dunhill, have been very successful, but the general feeling of missing something, so they asked me if I could help them get back the soul? I have the imagination, I'm a dreamer would be fantastic,<strong> <a href="">nike shox tl3 men</a></strong> and the implementation. More and more young people like vintage objects, seem to have become a trend, how do you see? I think this is not just trends, which led to more important things to happen, because as we said before, like, vintage is included history,<strong> <a href="">nike shox tl3 women</a></strong> especially in China, although heavy with 5,000 years of history, while there are new things, new economy, new freedom, the elderly and young people want to find some of the material that contains the essence of those objects a soul, I think this is very important.<strong> <a href="">nike shox torch for men</a></strong> When you buy vintage when the items are almost the same time that you choose, not just you choose it. Because items are takes time, time will have the luster of old oxidation (patina),<strong> <a href="">nike shox torch kid</a></strong> and this is very attractive patina. Buy vintage, spend a lot of time and effort to search before you can become you. The trend is that the past, people are trying to find roots. China also has a lot of rich, nouveau riche,<strong> <a href="">nike shox torch men</a></strong> but their appearance still looks very cheap, such as wearing a diamond studded Daikin table. But now they are changing, but also buy vintage furniture, buy some historic things. I think the vintage trend and China is now eager to find historical roots of the case are also corresponding <strong><a href="">nike shox torch shoes</a></strong>.

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Evening of Burmese 7.2 earthquake has resulted in Burma and Thai

Evening of Burmese 7.2 earthquake has resulted in Burma and Thailand at least 75 people were killed,<a href=>Manolo Blanhnik shoes</a>
hundreds injured. Yesterday, reporter flew to Thailand in-depth interviews in the earthquake. It is understood that this earthquake affected Thailand,<a href=>CHANEL handbag</a> Laos and Yunnan, Guangxi, China and other places. Seismic Center in the mysteries of the "golden triangle" region, Thailand most close to the epicentre of RAI in the North where the "golden triangle" area, there are houses to collapse and casualty reports, cultural city of Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand are under attack,<a href=>Christian Louboutin Sandals</a> collapsed buildings. But last night, Bangkok Street public emotional stability. Due to the Epicentral distance Thailand traditional tourist areas more distant earthquake on Thailand Tourism do not have too much of an impact, to Thailand in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and other tours tour still in the southern region.

Thailand earthquake caused minor damage to the RAI television reported. There have been reports, Thailand as focal points of distance than near in the Northern,<a href=>discount Christian Louboutin Ankle Boots</a> Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and other places have buildings there collapsed. RAI's House a 52 year old woman died in the collapse.

Distance from nearest the epicenter Thailand city is Rai, Chiang Rai also belong to the "golden triangle" area, one now has 40,000 people.<a href=>discount Christian louboutin Pumps </a> The "golden triangle" region is Thailand, Myanmar and Laos borders formed at the junction of the three countries of special areas.

It is understood that the RAI airport is currently using, the earthquake has no impact on local flights. However because of the large Rai surrounded by lot of population, border trade more developed towns,<a href=>cheap Christian Louboutin Sandals</a> specific earthquake losses have not been fully and statistics.

Apart from Rai earthquake shocks, known as "northern Thailand rose" of Chiang Mai were also hit by the earthquake waves,<a href=>Jimmy Choo</a> it was reported that appears local because of the earthquake collapsed buildings. Thailand people, Chiang Mai is a national treasure, is a Thailand national cultural symbol. As a tourist city of 1.6 million people, there are as many as 2000 has a long history of the temple. Housing report also caused the collapse of many Chinese,<a href=>Jimmy Choo Sandals</a> Chiang Mai "donkey friends" concerns of donkey friends in addition to the casualties on the ground are concerned about, also care whether the local monuments suffered.

According to the associated press reports, about 800 km from the epicentre of Thailand Bangkok buildings shook in the capital. Last night,<a href=>cheap Jimmy Choo Pumps</a> Thailand more calm on the streets, the reporters saw, as further away from the epicenter, Thailand traditional tourism industry did not suffer too much of an impact,<a href=>cheap Jimmy Choo Sandals</a> domestic tours tour continues. Yesterday afternoon, and journalists with machine to Thailand's total domestic tours. Wide tour guides, fan told reporters that they over more than 30 tour going to Pattaya tourism. He said that in Thailand and Rai, Chiang Mai is not a tour of the Northern tourist area,<a href=>Manolo Blahnik</a> little impact for tours. Tours tour of Miss Chen also said that the heard tour about earthquakes, but we are assured, find destinations and earthquake epicenter was far, does not have any effect.

Influence on China

Burma jade

Areas from earthquake area 300 kilometers

Should not affect price of jade

Report from (reporter Lam Lam) strong earthquakes in Myanmar, Guangzhou public in addition to fears for the people of Myanmar,<a href=>Manolo Blahnik sandals</a> is most concerned about Burma's "specialty" Jade, I do not know whether it will because of earthquake damage. 22nd just from the Burmese jade "public" (that is, public auctions of Jadeite raw materials) return flat Zhou Jian told a press conference: "earthquake locations and about 300 km to mine-producing, effect is not significant. "Chinese arts and crafts masters Ma Jingui and market businesses also stressed that China stocks of raw materials are abundant in the jade market,
<a href=>cheap Manolo Blahnik Pumps</a> jade price effect should not be affected by the earthquake.

Burma earthquake happened,
<a href=>cheap Manolo Blahnik sandals</a> many people worry about is buried in the stone surface of jade will be earthquake out in or even bad earthquake. Businesses worry that earthquake is likely to accelerate the Emerald mining of raw materials, some raw materials by the earthquake on the one hand pulls out of the surface, on the other,<a href=>Yves Saint Laurent Sandals</a> fear of another earthquake earthquake bad jade.

And 22nd just from Burma back to Guangzhou Qian-Zhou Jian, Chairman of jewelry do not think so. In Myanmar are very familiar with Zhou Jian,<a href=>cheap Yves Saint Laurent Boots</a> he introduced, areas of strong earthquakes occurred in the North-East of Myanmar, but Emerald mining areas of major concentration in the North, more than 300 km from the earthquake region, therefore estimated jade production area will not be affected.

Some businesses

May be the opportunity to hype

The other hand, Zhou Jian believes that with or without the effects of earthquakes, Emerald mining is very crazy. Market so hot, instead,<a href=>cheap Yves Saint Laurent Pumps</a> earthquakes will push up the jade market prices? "I think will not be affected for the time being", introduction to marketing expert Tan Weibin, in Ruili of Yunnan-Burma frontier is the largest distributing center of Jadeite raw materials and finished products.

China Arts and crafts masters Ma Jingui revealed that he had inspected more than domestic raw materials market, find it adequate to middle and low raw material reserves, enough to 2-3 years,
<a href=>cheap Yves Saint Laurent Sandals</a> low raw materials prices will not be affected. He also forecast, high-grade Jadeite raw material prices should not be affected.

However, people in the are of the view that some businesses are likely to take this "theme" fried high price of jade, want public rational collection purchases.

Influence on China

Thailand scented rice

Seeding of scented rice this year has not been

Seismic effect on no

Report from (correspondents Liu Xing,
<a href=>cheap Balenciaga handbags</a> Liu Jun, Lin Xiaoli, and Peggy Huang) 21:55 the day before yesterday, 7.2 earthquake occurred in Myanmar, Xishuangbanna in China, Thailand such as Rai, Chiang Mai and other northern regions, are a marked seismaesthesia, feel. Earthquake also triggered a debris flow.

Thailand Rai, and Chiang Mai is Thailand famous granary, the earthquake will affect Thailand rice export in China? Reporters for the first time visited the main market was informed that this earthquake,<a href=>cheap Chanel handbags</a> not taiguoxiangmi of the growth stage, so Thailand rice supply in China have limited effect.

Yesterday, reporters visited a number of Guangzhou supermarket, found Thailand rice sales normal, abundant.

Imports of goods, at present, Thailand Myanmar imports of Guangdong's main products are rice and fruits. Related to foreign trade experts believe that Thailand earthquake is different from Japan earthquakes,<a href=>fashion bags </a> little impact on the domestic supply of goods and economic.

Thailand is taiguoxiangmi main production areas in the Northeast, and earthquakes also occur in Rai, Chiang Mai and other northern regions.

However,<a href=>Jimmy Choo shoes</a> Thailand rice export Association Deputy Secretary General Chen Zhentai told reporters that the seismic effects on taiguoxiangmi point at all. Because of scented rice planting season is July-October each year, has not been seeded.

No because Thailand

Fruit export in Guangzhou

Myanmar, Thailand earthquake for Guangzhou residents enjoy Thailand fruit like durian,<a href=>BALENCIAGA handbag</a> Garcinia, Rambutan, lychee, longan, Sha Tong, mabang fruit is also affected by the impact?

Yesterday, reporters for the first time the line south of forestry in charge of peach fruit and vegetable wholesale market in Guangzhou. He told a press conference,
<a href=>Christian louboutin Pumps</a> first of all, no fruits in Myanmar into Guangzhou has always been and, secondly, from Thailand number of fruit, also for the time being everything is normal. Last five days, in the South of the fruit and vegetable wholesale market fruit area, entry of nearly 100 containers of every day, every day but only 5~6 a Thailand fruit container approach. "If you have any questions now Thailand the proportion of fruit is also quite small, does not affect the public. ”

According to the Xinhua News Agency said Myanmar official 25th, as of now,<a href=>cheap Christian Louboutin Ankle Boots</a> his strong earthquake the night of 24th in the Northeast have caused the deaths of at least 75 people, 111 people were injured, Shan bangtalei area most severely affected.

After the earthquake, Myanmar,
<a href=>cheap Christian louboutin Pumps </a> the city of tachilek in Shan King City and other local Government to carry out relief work, organized forces to rescue the injured.

It was reported that since the nearer to the epicenter area sparsely, among the casualties and property losses in the statistics.

According to another report, the reporter learned from the Ministry of Civil Affairs disaster relief Division,
<a href=>discount Christian Louboutin Sandals</a> Myanmar 7.2 earthquake caused more than 6,000 people affected in Yunnan.

As far as Yunnan Province Department of Civil Affairs report, March 24,<a href=>Jimmy Choo Pumps</a> 7.2 earthquake occurred in Myanmar, focal depth of 20 km, distance from the epicenter in China recently about 80 km. As of March 25 and statistics, Myanmar 7.2 earthquake resulted in menghai County in Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture, mengla, Jinghong, Cangyuan, lincang, shuangjiang, gengma, Lancang 7, and Pu County (City) 23 townships 6,560 people affected, 1490 5,110 houses between different degrees of damage,<a href=>discount Jimmy Choo boots</a> in the relevant circumstances are further statistical verification.

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